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    Vacuum packaging
    machinery equipment are being used by enterprises in industrial zones to ensure safety for goods and machines that are not damaged during long-term transportation.

    Have you used the vacuum packaging machinery equipment equipment yet and how is it done. Please join us to explore the vacuum packaging process which is not favored by many customers today.

    The steps of vacuum packagingmachinery equipment in HD Asean Viet Nam:

    · Conduct measurements of size, weight, determine the nature of goods and machinery.

    · Plastic wrap, wrap PE for goods and machinery.

    · Silver plastic for goods and vacuum.

    · Reinforcing and positioning the machine in wooden crates, closing sealed wooden barrels

    · Sealing, numbering to avoid loss of machinery.

    · Hand over to customers to inventory, sign and liquidate the contract.

    In addition to vacuum packaging machinery equipment, we also provide packaging services, wooden crates, wooden pallet packing, etc. when in need, please contact us to be advice and quote on each service.

    Some pictures of vacuum packaging machinery equipment:


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